Spoonfed - Vendor Spotlight

Can you rovide a description of your business?

Spoonfed is a new sole proprietorship in the baby goods/feeding accessories industry. We sell a baby food cook book, “Spoonfed – Real Food for Real Babies” which I have written and self-published, along with other baby and cooking related accessories at an on-line retail, consumer trade show and wholesale level. Our mission is to help energy depleted yet enthusiastic new parents learn how unintimidating and fun it can be to make healthy and nutritious baby food at home.

What led you to this business?

In real life I am a Marketing Product Manager, with 2 boys, a husband, a dog and a love of cooking and the 47 other things I try to cram into my day. In my supplementary life (in my copious amounts of spare time) I had been toiling away at writing and self-publishing a baby food cook book, which after 6 years came to fruition in 2016.

When I had my first son about 17 years ago, the closest I came to playing a chef was to throw on a chef’s hat and cheer “bon appétit” in the name of persuading him to eat his jar of peas. There is almost exactly 10 years between my sons’ births which translates into 10 years of cultivating my love of fresh foods and overcoming the intimidation of preparing a nutritious meal from scratch. When my second son came along I experimented with different baby food purees and concoctions and came to love and look forward to my meal preparation rituals. I discovered that it’s not time consuming once you get a routine down and learn certain tips and tricks to save time. I was also excited about the $ savings! Just imagine how many baby veggie meals you can get out of one bunch of $2 broccoli, compared to 1 or 2 jars of baby food. The savings definitely translated into a nice pair of shoes…or a shiny new hammer (or whatever the indulgent item might be for a dad).:)

This excitement inspired me to develop and write my baby food cook book “Spoonfed – Real Food for Real Babies”. Well that, and the fact that my husband said, “hey, you should write a baby food cook book!” I recounted all that I’d learned over the past 21 months or so on baby food preparation and the information that I enthusiastically sought out every day on the subject. Surely there had to be other time crunched, energy depleted, yet enthusiastic parents out there who wanted to learn about preparing homemade baby food without it monopolizing every minute of the day! I took a deep breath and a leap of faith, and so began the flow of recipe ideas, blog material and my journey from the birth to the completion of the book.

Once I had the book printed and ready, so began the flow of other baby and cooking related product development ideas. This rounded out a nice collection of items to offer under my new business “Spoonfed”, all with the goal of helping to make cooking at home unintimidating and fun!

What do you love most about bringing your offerings to growing families?

I love hearing from parents who have tried the recipes in the cook book and say how they didn’t realize how simple it could be to make baby food at home. It’s pretty exciting to hear when someone says they picked up a banana, mashed it and fed it to their baby because of my book instead of buying a jar of banana baby food. Being able to provide families with the tools to help them offer real, fresh, homemade food that not only makes baby squeal with excitement, but also causes residual happiness to all in the kitchen bearing witness to those baby smiles, is a pretty powerful thing! It’s tough and exhausting being a new parent, so if I can help in any way to keep it simple but nutritious and fun in the kitchen for them, that’s what I love the most.

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Which products/services/messaging are you most excited to share at the expo?

I am so excited to introduce families to my new baby food cook book Spoonfed – Real Food for Real Babies and showcase my new product launches including the adorable, and soon to be favorite “go to” silicone bib with crumb catcher, the “Solid Food Apprentice” bib. I also have a new baby onesie in 100% cotton proclaiming “Homemade! Just like my food!” in sizes 6 months and 12 months, and some fun “Kiss the Cook!” toddler aprons for the aspiring mini-chef and one just for you, you “Culinary Wizard” you. ☺

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I would have to say my earliest memory was one night when I was maybe 4, I got to eat dinner with my older brother in the living room without my parents who were in the kitchen for a reason that escapes me now. I wasn’t very keen on pork chops at the time so I thought it would be a good idea to throw the precisely mom-cut pieces into my brother’s bedroom Mickey Mouse garbage. I figured when you throw something in the garbage it’s gone forever with no one ever knowing right? My mom found the chop bits a day or two later and was none too pleased. Sorry mom. ☺

Unique celebrity baby names are a growing trend. What’s your favourite?

Hmmm... let’s see. I think I would have to go with the floral themed names…Jamie Oliver’s daughters are named Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and Poppy Honey. There’s something pretty yet odd about those, but mostly pretty. Then there’s Lula Rose, Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner’s daughter. Lula..so cute! Maybe I’m drawn to pretty as a petal girl’s names because I have two rough and tumble boys named Carter and Eric with no hope of a young lady in my future unless it’s a dog or hamster perhaps? Poppy the hamster…I like it!

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