Messy Play Studio - Vendor Spotlight

Can you provide a description of your business?

Messy Play Studio provides sensory based creative programming for kids ages 6 months and up.

What led you to this business?

I have a background in Fine Art and Early Childhood Education so this is a merging of these two worlds for me.I believe in letting children experiment, discovering the process of creating and getting messy along the way. I discovered that I’m happiest when working with children in a creative open setting. I love merging process art with craft as well! Messy Play Studio is my passion and I absolutely love doing this!

What do you love most about bringing your offerings to growing families?

I love giving families the opportunity to let their kids get messy (and sometimes the grown ups get messy too!) while saving their home from the inevitable clean up that follows! I’m looking forward to bringing more programs that are all about engaging the senses and meeting families!

Which products/services/messaging are you most excited to share at the expo?

I’m very excited to share our Messy Babies classes! Little ones get a chance to explore everything from sensory spaghetti to fruit and veggie paint and more. We also include a small take home art activity at each of our sessions - which are often a marriage between process and product. I’m also looking forward to sharing what other programs families will see coming up in June and into our summer semester (July and August).

Come get messy with us!

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Hmm, I’d say my earliest memory would be sitting in my favorite old brown armchair. I believe it used to be my grandfathers chair. I remember sitting in that chair and looking at my moms collection of Arthur books.

Unique celebrity baby names are a growing trend. What’s your favourite?

Bowie Rose (Dane De Haan and Anna Wood). (I’m a big David Bowie.)

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