Baby World - Vendor Spotlight

Can you provide a description of your business?

We opened our doors in 1975 , and are now a 3 generation family owned and operated business! Specializing in high quality furniture from baby to adult, strollers, carseats, gear, unique gifts and accessories!

What led you to this business?

Well, as the 3rd generation (Lauren) I always heard my parents telling other people about “the cutest baby they had in the store today”, or “the funniest, sassiest toddler they have ever met – with a tutu on!” They have such a fun and rewarding time at work, helping new mums and dads ( and grandparents!) in the exciting times of starting a new – or extending their families with a new baby! So that led me to this business, and also the furniture aspect! As a Sheridan graduate in Interior Decorating, helping families choose the perfect bedroom set for their new arrival, or teenager – or even themselves! Every day is new and exciting!

What do you love most about bringing your offerings to growing families?

Our industry is always changing every year, and the newest and coolest items come out for babies! We can have a customer come back into the store having their second baby, and we always hear “ Omg! Where was this 2 years ago?! I need this!!!” So always having items to make parents lives easier, and more fun. That’s what we love the most!

Which products/services/messaging are you most excited to share at the expo?

Well, as always – we have AMAZING raffles! Strollers and Car Seats from our top brands are always our grand prizes, and we love giving those away to lucky customers! We are also happy to announce that we have a LOYALTY POINTS PROGRAM! Woo! Earn points on every transaction, and use them towards future purchases!

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. I know my Mum will HATE me saying this, but! Here it goes! I was maybe 3 or 4, and my family was on a road trip out to eastern Canada to visit my Dads family; or atleast that’s where I thought we were going?! LOL We had stopped for gas, so my parents let us roam around the van while they pumped gas and went in to get treats. My brother and I were messing around with the power windows, and I stuck my head out of the window to say Hi Daddy!..... and vrrrrommmmpp! My brother closed the window on my head!!! Needless to say, I screamed. He laughed. And then after a few short seconds of watching me squirm, he let me go and opened the window back up. Cruel I know – JEEZ! Older brother pranks!Not sure why this is my earliest childhood memory, but hey, it stuck! Thanks bro! ….. and just for the record, not that I would love to admit, but this was about 25-30 years ago, so car seats weren’t keeping both of us in our seats, and not being able to jump around in the unmoving van!

Unique celebrity baby names are a growing trend. What’s your favourite?

Ummmm, to be honest. None of them! LOL I am a traditional girl, and love names that aren’t fruit, or… I dont know, weird?

If I HAD to choose, I would choose Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewans daughters name – Everly. It is also one of my cousins daughters names, its so cute and dainty. Not overly unique, but different enough to make someone say – hmm! I haven’t heard that before, and I really like it!

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