Arbonne International - Vendor Spotlight

Can you provide a description of your business?

Arbonne International is a Health and Wellness company, providing families Pure Safe and Beneficial personal care products... We are Herbs Plants Flowers and Fruits, no animal byproducts or fillers, no nasty chemicals, Vegan Certified, PETA approved, Gluten Free, NON GMO, Kosher certified.

What led you to this business?

My passion is to help others and when I learned of all the nasty ingredients that exist in our personal care products and the impacts that it can have on our health I had to find a way to raise awareness, Arbonne offered me the perfect way to accomplish my goal , while helping my own family and friends.

What do you love most about bringing your offerings to growing families?

I know that I am helping families to reach their optimal health when using our products.

Which products/services/messaging are you most excited to share at the expo?

Our Baby Line , Our Anti Aging Line for Women and our beautiful Rescue and Renew Line the best way to pamper mom’s.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Going to the cottage at Wasaga beach with my family, sitting on the rocking chair in the screened in porch when we were not at the beautiful sandy beaches.

Unique celebrity baby names are a growing trend. What’s your favourite?

Sienna, Alexis and Hayden.